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Ram (au)
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Name: RAM
Identity: basic program
Function: surveillance program recreated from an actuarial algorithm
Compile date: original: 1981 ; recompile: 1991
Permissions: Operator-class privileges in Light Cycle and Light Jet operation granted. Proficient in disc and baton combat, particularly with the baton staff function.
Appearance: Ram has an updated set of light body armor that is outlined with edgy blue-white circuitry. On his chest is an old User-Believer symbol that was once reserved for gladiators that refused to give up their beliefs, a remnant of old code in his root systems. He has bright blue eyes and wavy light brown hair. He has a small but lean build made for agility and speed. Besides the identity disc on his back, Ram always carries at least one baton programmed with a Light Staff and Light Cycle function on his right thigh.